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Saüc Ensemble strives to revive the music of the Renaissance and the Mediterranean. Blending Eastern and Western we create a beautiful musical dialogue. In a world where divides are becoming stronger, music can help us put our differences appart.

Getting together musicians from the most renown european conservatoires, Saüc brings you a performance that will delight and transport you to a distant era with a spicy touch.

sauc ensemble musicians of renaissance music

About us

Saüc is the ensemble created by Sergio González Prats (Hurdy Gurdy) and Daïna Mateu (Traverso), this fresh project started in 2022 and gathered great success, in the first year of the ensemble, Saüc played concerts in Switzerland, USA, Italy, Poland and The Czech Republic.

It was a time when the world was filled with curiosity and new discoveries, imagine Leonardo da Vinci, or Coppernicus, Saüc wants to transport you to their time, we’ll play music of this time period, the Renaissance… With a spicy touch.

The spicy touch comes with the traditional music from the mediterranean. Mediterranean means conection, and in this program, Mármara, we mix the beautiful harmonies of the renaissance with the vibrant flavours of the traditional dances of the meditarrenan.

Sergio gonzalez prats director of sauc ensemble with flute player daina mateu