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Sergio Gonzalez prats hurdy gurdy player

Sergio González Prats

Hurdy Gurdy & Artistic Direction

daina mateu flute player

Daïna Mateu

Historical Flutes & Artistic Direction

Hector Dos Santos


Lucero Miranda


Alberto Palacios


Emma Raventós

Viola da Gamba

Alexandre Guitart


Our Story

Saüc Ensemble is an early music group that was formed in 2023 by Sergio González Prats and Daïna Mateu, With a shared passion for early music, they assembled a talented group of musicians from some of the most prestigious European conservatories.

Sergio Gonzalez Prats is a musician who has dedicated his life to the study and performance of the Hurdy Gurdy, a unique instrument that is not commonly heard in nowadays. After performing and giving seminars across Europe the US and Australia, Sergio has become one of the most respected experts on the Hurdy Gurdy, His passion for the instrument and his dedication to the historical and traditional sources make him a key member of Saüc Ensemble.

Daïna Mateu‘s deep understanding of music, acquired through her studies of musicology at university, and her flute studies at the conservatoires of Barcelona (SP), Tolouse (FR), Den Haag (NL) and Brno (CZ), have provided her with a wealth of knowledge and experience. She has studied with some of the most respected specialists in the world, such as Marc Hantaï, Bartold Kuijken and Kate Clark, among others. Her technical skills and musicianship make her a vital part of Saüc Ensemble, and her expertise in musicology brings a unique perspective to the Saüc’s interpretation and performance of music.

Saüc Ensemble is known for their unique blend of Renaissance and Mediterranean music, which is showcased on their debut album “Marmara”. The album features a mix of traditional pieces and historical compositions found through the research of old manuscripts.

Saüc has quickly become recognized as one of the most exciting and innovative ensembles, having performed in The Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland and the USA in their first 6 months of activity. Their commitment to excellence, passion for their craft, and unique musical style make them a must-see act for any fan of early music.


Daniel Pluskal percussion

Daniel Pluskal


Miguel Bonal

Viola da Gamba

María de la Calle